Chisel Point Chemical Stud Flat Top Anchor 316 Stainless Steel




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Hobson® Chemical Anchor Studs are a single unit non expansion fasteners that is used in pre-drilled holes into a selected/specified resin. They comprise of a chisel or bevelled point stud available in flat cut or external hexagon type head, a nut and washer. Fixing of the stud is achieved by inserting a suitable curing resin into the hole using a glass chemical capsule or injection adhesive system. The stud is then inserted into the hole and rotated either by hammer drill (for glass capsule) or hand (for injection type) to allow for proper setting into the resin. The stud can be loaded once appropriate curing time has been achieved.

• Fixing to concrete or masonry substrates
• Holding down machinery
• Commonly used in applications that require non expansion type fasteners
• Used in applications that require closer edge distance and spacing

• Good load capability
• Non expanding anchor
• Resistant to vibration
• Complete sealing of hole
• Can be installed close to edge
• Reduced spacing between anchors
• Excellent holding power in weak base materials

Additional Information

Diameter x Length:

M8 x 110mm, M10 x 130mm, M12 x 160mm, M16 x 190mm, M20 x 260mm, M24 x 300mm