Masonry Anchor Screw TX-CON Hex Slot R1000hrs Coating




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TX-CON is designed for medium duty applications when fixing to concrete, brick or block. These anchors tap the drilled concrete hole mechanically locking to the concrete. Ideal for quick installationg, close anchor spacing or edge distance and removability.

R1000 Hours Protective Coating:

  • Silver coating R1000 – 1000 hour salt spray rated
  • Ideal for light to medium duty applications into concrete, brick and block
  • Can also be used into wood based materials
  • No pre-drilling requirded on wood applications


  • Metal door frames
  • Hand Rails
  • Lighting Fixtures
  • Window Installations
  • Fixing base plat to concrete in timber framed home

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6.5mm x 32mm, 6.5mm x 45mm, 6.5mm x 58mm, 6.5mm x 70mm, 6.5mm x 83mm, 6.5mm x 100mm