Countersunk Masonry Screw Xbolt Pro E1F BI-316 Stainless Steel




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Xbolt PROs are a single unit screw type anchors that are sed in solid concrete applications. Fixing is achieved by screwing the anchor into the hole. As it is screwed in, it creates it own undercut by tapping the concrete hole. The cutting and locking mechanism, enables the anchor to be used in close spacing and edge distance applications.



  • Provides the advantages and benefits of 316 stainless plus the heat-treated alloy point
  • Hardened alloy point for fast and consistent installation
  • Suitable for medium to heavy loads
  • Suitable for small anchor spacing and edge distance applications
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Fully removable


  • For high corrosion resistance- such as severe marine enviroments
  • Fertiliser facilities
  • Chemical and petrochemical plants
  • Pharmaceutical and brewery plants
  • Kitchens and food preparation

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M6 x 80mm, M8 x 95mm, M8 x 100mm