Huck Steel MagnaLok Rivet Truss Head (MGLT-R)




The 360º solid-circle lock. It’s Arconic Fastening Systems’ answer to loosening and vibration
challenges. And it’s the reason Magna-Lok® is the world’s most reliable, most consistent blind
fastening solution available. The unique locking design creates an internal lock during installation
that virtually eliminates pin pushout by mechanically locking the pin to the sleeve. So Magna-Lok
fasteners lock flush into place reliably. Permanently.

In lap shear fatigue tests, steel Magna-Lok fasteners outlasted the nearest competitor nearly 20 to 1.
Ours lasted 2 million cycles, while theirs lasted only 100,000. In addition, this strength extends to the
solid-circle lock design. The expanding sleeve creates a tough, long-lasting joint with a tight, weatherresistant
seal. This shield blocks out water and salt, further ensuring the fastener’s long, reliable life.


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MGLT-R6-4: 4.8mm (3/16) x 17mm, MGLT-R6-E: 4.8mm (3/16) x 24mm