Series 500 Hex Self Drilling Screws Class 4 – Hobsons




[Product Data]

• Extended drill point and fine pitch (24 TPI) thread allows self-drilling in metal up to 12mm in thickness
• No pre-drilling required
• Corrosion performance to Class 4 as per AS3566.2
• Hexagon Head Series

T9P54FH1224032Q480CL4 S500 FLG HX:12-24X 32S500 SDS FLANGED HEX HEADCLASS 4#12-2432
T9P54FH1224050Q482CL4 S500 FLG HX:12-24X 50S500 SDS FLANGED HEX HEADCLASS 4#12-2450
T9P54FH1224065Q484CL4 S500 FLG HX:12-24X 65S500 SDS FLANGED HEX HEADCLASS 4#12-2465
T9P54FH1224085Q487CL4 S500 FLG HX:12-24X 85S500 SDS FLANGED HEX HEADCLASS 4#12-2485
T9P54FH1424038Q739CL4 S500 FLG HX:14-24X 38S500 SDS FLANGED HEX HEADCLASS 4#14-2438

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12-24X 32mm, 12-24X 50mm, 12-24X 65mm, 12-24X 85mm, 14-24X 38mm