Nordlock Metric Standard Washer Delta Protekt




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Nord-Lock original washers are recognized around the world for their ability to secure bolted joints exposed to severe vibration and dynamic loads. The washers increase operational reliability and lower your maintenance costs, while significantly reducing the risks of unplanned production stops, accidents and warranty claims.

Nord-Lock washers cannot loosen unintentionally as a wedge-effect is created underneath the bolt head/nut. Our extensive range includes washers in various materials and sizes. Nord-Lock washers are available in two outer diameters — standard and enlarged. Washers with an enlarged outer diameter (SP washers) are ideal for use on large holes, sensitive surfaces and soft materials. Nord-Lock SP washers suit flanged bolts/nuts for optimum load distribution.

– Nord-Lock original washers secure bolted joints exposed to severe vibration and dynamic loads
– Available in a wide range of materials to suit use in general steel and stainless steel applications, and in corrosive, acidic and high-temperature environments
– Locking function not affected by lubrication – Achieves accurate preload with defined and uniform friction
– Available in a wide range of sizes (metric and imperial)
– Designed for bolts up to and including property class 12.9 (steel) and A4-80 (stainless steel)
– High corrosion resistance (minimum 1,000 hours in salt spray test according to ISO 9227) for steel washers
– Reusable (depending on conditions of use)

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M3(#5), M3.5(#6), M4(#8), M5(#10), M6, M8(5/16), M10, M11(7/16), M12, M14(9/16), M16(5/8), M18, M20, M22(7/8), M24, M27, M30(1-1/8), M33(1-1/4), M36(1-3/8), M39(1-1/2), M42, M45(1-3/4), M48(1-7/8), M52(2), M56(2-1/4), M64(2-1/2), M72