Aquaseal Aquadapt EPDM Black Roof Pipe Flashing




  • Suitable for both standard and retrofit application
  • Wraps around existing pipes
  • Suitable for repairs
  • Full range of sizes
  • Polymer is Ozone and UV resistant
  • 25 year warranty
  • BAL tested
  • Australian Made & Owned

*EPDM will withstand constant temperatures of -40°C (-40°F) to 115°C (239°F). *Silicone will withstand constant temperatures of -50°C (-58°F) to 200°C (392°F).
*EPDM black certified for installation to BAL 12.5 rated roof/wall systems
*Silicone red certified for installation to BAL 29 rated roof/wall systems

Australian Owned & Made

Size Chart

Aquaseal AquadaptBlack EPDM CodeRed Silicone CodeMETRIC:
Pipe Size
(25° roof pitch)
Pipe Size
(45° roof pitch)
Pipe Size
(25° roof pitch)
Pipe Size
(45° roof pitch)
Base SizeMax retrofit clips required
No. 1AAE1B8-40n/a8-50mm8-40mm⅓”-2″⅓”-1½”115x115mm4
No. 2AAE2B10-70AAS2R10-7010-90mm10-70mm⅜”-3½”⅜”-2¾”155x155mm5
No. 4AAE4B75-135AAS4R75-13575-150mm75-135mm3″-6″3″-5⅓”255x255mm6
No. 5AAE5B125-180AAS5R125-180125-200mm125-180mm5″-8″5″-7″305x305mm6
No. 6AAE6B145-230AAS6R145-230145-250mm145-230mm6″-10″6″-9″355x355mm7
No. 7AAE7B195-250AAS7R195-250195-300mm195-250mm8″-11⅚”8″-10″432x432mm7
No. 8AAE8B230-380AAS8R230-380230-380mm230-355mm9″-15″9″-14″540x600mm9
No. 9AAE9B315-450AAS9R315-450315-500mm315-450mm12½”-19⅔”12½”-17¾”650x720mm11
No. 10AAE10B400-730AAS10R400-730400-750mm400-630mm15¾”-29½”15¾”-24⅚”965x995mm15

Additional Information

Pipe Size

8-50mm, 10-90mm, 40-100mm, 75-150mm, 125-200mm, 145-250mm, 195-300mm, 230-380mm, 315-500mm, 400-750mm