Treated Pine Screws Class 3 Square Drive




Galvanised Chipboard Screw, meticulously designed with a coarse thread and fine shank to ensure excellent grip in chipboard, MDF, and soft timbers. Its innovative head features nibs, simplifying the removal of chipboard particles during countersinking. The galvanised coating enhances durability, making it ideal for a wide range of outdoor applications. Plus, the square drive design delivers a polished, professional finish for your projects.

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8 x 20mm, 8 x 25mm, 8 x 32mm, 8 x 35mm, 8x 41mm, 8 x 45mm, 8 x 51mm, 8 x 57mm, 10 x 65mm, 10 x 75mm, 10 x 100mm, 10 x 125mm, 10 x 150mm