Series 500 Hex Self Drilling Screws Class 4 – Iccons




[Technical Screw Guide]

Self drilling hex head screw with a 5 series drill point (aka series 500) for drilling through up to 12mm mild steel in metal brackets, components, steel sections and assemblies. The flanged hex head lends to high pull-out strength. Available in both class 4 galvanised finish and stainless steel variants making them perfect for internal, external and high corrosion affected applications. ICCONS 5 series (series 500) self drilling hex head screw has a hardened steel point, and fine thread enabling the screw to drill and tap its own thread, without the need to pre-drill (please see screw self drilling capacities).

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12-24 x 32mm, 12-24 x 32mm NEO, 12-24 x 50mm, 12-24 x 50mm NEO, 12-24 x 65mm, 12-24 x 65mm NEO, 12-24 x 85mm, 12-24 x 85mm NEO