6.5mm PVC Wall Plugs Green




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A traditional wall plug that uses colour coding to match the required screw gauges. Light duty anchor that can be installed using self tapping, wood screws or coach screws.

• Tapered point for easy fitting into pre-drilled holes.
• Expansion along the full length of the plug.

• Electrical fittings
• Pipe saddles
• Lighting fixtures
• Signage
• Brackets
• Handrails
• Through fixing of timber frames

• Plumbers
• Electricians
• Builders
• Mechanical services

Base Material
• Concrete
• Stone
• Brick

Additional Information

Diameter x Length:

6.5mm x 25mm, 6.5mm x 30mm, 6.5mm x 35mm, 6.5mm x 38mm, 6.5mm x 50mm