Nylon UV Stable Black Metric Washers




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Polyamide Nylon (PA, PA6.6, 66) is the standard polymer used in the Hobson range of plastic or nylon fasteners. It is recognised worldwide for being the most suitable material for fasteners as it has:
• Excellent filling qualities and is easily moulded into long shapes such as threaded rod
• Tensile strength and resistance to creep, particularly in high temperatures
• Superior wear properties, low coefficient of friction and exceptional chemical resistance to aromatic hydrocarbons, greases and oils

– Protects surfaces and offers good electrical insulation
– Absorbs shocks and vibration
– Resists corrosion between various metals and other alloys

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M4X9.0X0.8, M5X10.0X1.0, M6X12.0X1.5, M8X16.0X1.6, M10X20X2.0, M12X24X2.5, M16X30X3.0