HPU-B50 Polyurethane XFoam Pro 2 in 1Hand and Tool Spray 750ml

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One-component polyurethane foam that can be used either in combination with a gun or a handheld adaptor. It provides effective sound and thermal insulation and adheres well to most construction materials, including wood, concrete, porous concrete, brick, metal and aluminium, but not to polyethylene, silicone or PTFE.

• Polyurethane foam designed for insulating, filling construction openings, and installing doors and windows
• Hardens with air humidity
• Hardening time is 1.5–5 hours. It is no longer sticky to touch 5–10 minutes after application
• Expands to 2–3 times its volume after application
• Hardened foam ensures a strong joint and excellent insulation

Construction materials
• Wood
• Concrete
• Aerated concrete / Hebel
• Brick
• Metal
• Aluminium

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