Heavy Duty T-Bolt HTB Hose Clamp W4 304 Stainless




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• Used to attach and seal an industrial hose to a fitting such as a nipple
• Commonly used in automotive and agriculture industries

• Includes t-bolts to ensure a tight seal between the hose and the fitting, preventing fluid from escaping
• Made from 304 stainless to improve corrosion resistance and working life

PHC44HTB19019HTB100W4/W4 HTB H/CLAMP:19.0X 17- 19HOSE CLAMP HTB – H/DUTYW4 (304) STAINLESS19.017-19
PHC44HTB19022HTB101W4/W4 HTB H/CLAMP:19.0X 20- 22HOSE CLAMP HTB – H/DUTYW4 (304) STAINLESS19.020-22
PHC44HTB19025HTB102W4/W4 HTB H/CLAMP:19.0X 23- 25HOSE CLAMP HTB – H/DUTYW4 (304) STAINLESS19.023-25
PHC44HTB19028HTB103W4/W4 HTB H/CLAMP:19.0X 26- 28HOSE CLAMP HTB – H/DUTYW4 (304) STAINLESS19.026-28
PHC44HTB19031HTB104W4/W4 HTB H/CLAMP:19.0X 29- 31HOSE CLAMP HTB – H/DUTYW4 (304) STAINLESS19.029-31
PHC44HTB19035HTB105W4/W4 HTB H/CLAMP:19.0X 32- 35HOSE CLAMP HTB – H/DUTYW4 (304) STAINLESS19.032-35
PHC44HTB19039HTB106W4/W4 HTB H/CLAMP:19.0X 36- 39HOSE CLAMP HTB – H/DUTYW4 (304) STAINLESS19.036-39
PHC44HTB19043HTB107W4/W4 HTB H/CLAMP:19.0X 40- 43HOSE CLAMP HTB – H/DUTYW4 (304) STAINLESS19.040-43
PHC44HTB22047HTB108W4/W4 HTB H/CLAMP:22.0X 44- 47HOSE CLAMP HTB – H/DUTYW4 (304) STAINLESS22.044-47
PHC44HTB22051HTB109W4/W4 HTB H/CLAMP:22.0X 48- 51HOSE CLAMP HTB – H/DUTYW4 (304) STAINLESS22.048-51
PHC44HTB22055HTB110W4/W4 HTB H/CLAMP:22.0X 52- 55HOSE CLAMP HTB – H/DUTYW4 (304) STAINLESS22.052-55
PHC44HTB22059HTB111W4/W4 HTB H/CLAMP:22.0X 56- 59HOSE CLAMP HTB – H/DUTYW4 (304) STAINLESS22.056-59
PHC44HTB22063HTB112W4/W4 HTB H/CLAMP:22.0X 60- 63HOSE CLAMP HTB – H/DUTYW4 (304) STAINLESS22.060-63
PHC44HTB22067HTB113W4/W4 HTB H/CLAMP:22.0X 64- 67HOSE CLAMP HTB – H/DUTYW4 (304) STAINLESS22.064-67
PHC44HTB22073HTB114W4/W4 HTB H/CLAMP:22.0X 68- 73HOSE CLAMP HTB – H/DUTYW4 (304) STAINLESS22.068-73
PHC44HTB22079HTB115W4/W4 HTB H/CLAMP:22.0X 74- 79HOSE CLAMP HTB – H/DUTYW4 (304) STAINLESS22.074-79
PHC44HTB25085HTB116W4/W4 HTB H/CLAMP:25.0X 80- 85HOSE CLAMP HTB – H/DUTYW4 (304) STAINLESS25.080-85
PHC44HTB25091HTB117W4/W4 HTB H/CLAMP:25.0X 86- 91HOSE CLAMP HTB – H/DUTYW4 (304) STAINLESS25.086-91
PHC44HTB25097HTB118W4/W4 HTB H/CLAMP:25.0X 92- 97HOSE CLAMP HTB – H/DUTYW4 (304) STAINLESS25.092-97
PHC44HTB25103HTB119W4/W4 HTB H/CLAMP:25.0X 98-103HOSE CLAMP HTB – H/DUTYW4 (304) STAINLESS25.098-103
PHC44HTB25112HTB120W4/W4 HTB H/CLAMP:25.0X104-112HOSE CLAMP HTB – H/DUTYW4 (304) STAINLESS25.0104-112
PHC44HTB25121HTB121W4/W4 HTB H/CLAMP:25.0X113-121HOSE CLAMP HTB – H/DUTYW4 (304) STAINLESS25.0113-121
PHC44HTB25130HTB122W4/W4 HTB H/CLAMP:25.0X122-130HOSE CLAMP HTB – H/DUTYW4 (304) STAINLESS25.0122-130

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19.0X 17-19mm, 19.0X 20-22mm, 19.0X 23-25mm, 19.0X 26-28mm, 19.0X 29-31mm, 19.0X 32-35mm, 19.0X 36-39mm, 19.0X 40-43mm, 22.0X 44-47mm, 22.0X 48-51mm, 22.0X 52-55mm, 22.0X 56-59mm, 22.0X 60-63mm, 22.0X 64-67mm, 22.0X 68-73mm, 22.0X 74-79mm, 25.0X 80-85mm, 25.0X 86-91mm, 25.0X 92-97mm, 25.0X 98-103mm, 25.0X104-112mm, 25.0X113-121mm, 25.0X122-130mm