FulaFill Building Filler HB Fuller

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FulaFillâ„¢ Building Filler is a two-part polyester filler designed to repair damage and holes where movement is not expected. Once cured, FulaFillâ„¢ Building Filler can be painted, sanded, chiselled, planed, filed and routed.

Key Benefits

  • Fills gaps, cracks, holes and other forms of damage and imperfection in most common building materials
  • 2-Part filler; cures effectively on non-porous substrates such as metal
  • Interior/exterior (if protected)
  • Will not shrink or slump
  • Easy to sand and paint


    • Filling architraves and doors
    • Filling furniture and timber
    • Filling window frames and sashes

      Compatible Substrates

      • Fibreglass
      • Metal
      • Fibre cement sheeting
      • Concrete
      • MDF
      • Timber
      • Plasterboard
      • Masonry
      • Ceramic
      • Particleboard

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