• MaxAbrase Flap Discs are premium quality discs made in Germany using quality Zirconia abrasive material, to produce the ultimate performer in mild steel and stainless steel grinding and finishing applications
  • Suitable for trade and industrial usage, MaxAbrase Flap Discs are well balanced for smooth, vibration free running, and have up to 15% more abrasive than other brands, for faster grinding and long service life
  • All MaxAbrase Flap Discs are Type 29 (15°) style with a built-in grinding angle for aggressive stock removal and are manufactured to the European Standard EN12413 ensuring consistent premium quality
  • Gold Series: Premium 100% Zirconia abrasive with a heavy duty synthetic reinforced backing cloth for exceptional performance in all trade and industrial applications
  • Easier to control
  • Grind and sand in one step
  • Perfectly balanced disc eliminates vibration and fatigue
  • Less likely to gouge, undercut or ruin the workpiece
  • Not as aggressive as grinding discs
  • No chatter
  • Quieter than grinding discs
  • Strong fibreglass backing wears as disc is consumed


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100X16MM 40GRIT, 100X16MM 60GRIT, 100X16MM 80GRIT, 100X16MM 120GRIT, 115X22MM 40GRIT, 115X22MM 60GRIT, 115X22MM 80GRIT, 115X22MM 120GRIT, 125X22MM 40GRIT, 125X22MM 60GRIT, 125X22MM 80GRIT, 125X22MM 120GRIT, 178X22MM 40GRIT, 178X22MM 60GRIT, 178X22MM 80GRIT