Clawbolt/Wedge Anchor/Through Bolt Class 5.8 Zinc Yellow




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Clawbolts® (Through Bolts) are pre-assembled single unit wedge type anchors used in solid concrete applications. Fixing is achieved by controlled torquing of the nut which draws the tapered section up into the clip, thereby expanding
it outward and forcing the Clawbolt® against the sidewall of the pre-drilled hole.

• Suitable for light to medium duty loads
• Suitable for standard and reduced embedment depths
• Quick and easy to install
• Immediate loading is possible

• Hand rail fastening
• Formwork support fastening
• Mechanical, electrical and pipe bracket fixing
• Facade installation
• Stadium seating
• Guide and hand rails
• Steel fabricators
• Electricians
• Mechanical service installers
• Air conditioning, heating and ventilation installers (HVAC)
• Racking and material handling installers

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M6 x 55mm, M6 x 85mm, M6 x 100mm, M6 x 120mm, M6 x 150mm, M6 x 180mm, M8 x 50mm, M8 x 80mm, M8 x 100mm, M8 x 120mm, M10 x 65mm, M10 x 75mm, M10 x 90mm, M10 x 120mm, M12 x 80mm, M12 x 100mm, M12 x 140mm, M12 x 180mm