Button Head UNC Metal Thread Screws Post Torx 304 Stainless




[Product Information]

Torx Drive Types are also known as star drive fasteners. They have a six-point star recess in the head that increases torque exertion, prevents cam out and boosts fastener life.

• Torx drive with security pin
• Fully threaded

• Outdoor play equipment
• Fixing in public facilities
• Trains/buses

IMS04BTC037015304P/TORX T45 BHMS: 3/8UNCX15SOCKET BUTTON POST TORX3/815304 Stainless
IMS04BTC037020304P/TORX T45 BHMS: 3/8UNCX20SOCKET BUTTON POST TORX3/820304 Stainless
IMS04BTC037025304P/TORX T45 BHMS: 3/8UNCX25SOCKET BUTTON POST TORX3/825304 Stainless
IMS04BTC037030304P/TORX T45 BHMS: 3/8UNCX30SOCKET BUTTON POST TORX3/830304 Stainless
IMS04BTC037035304P/TORX T45 BHMS: 3/8UNCX35SOCKET BUTTON POST TORX3/835304 Stainless
IMS04BTC037040304P/TORX T45 BHMS: 3/8UNCX40SOCKET BUTTON POST TORX3/840304 Stainless
IMS04BTC037045304P/TORX T45 BHMS: 3/8UNCX45SOCKET BUTTON POST TORX3/845304 Stainless
IMS04BTC037050304P/TORX T45 BHMS: 3/8UNCX50SOCKET BUTTON POST TORX3/850304 Stainless
IMS04BTC037056304P/TORX T45 BHMS: 3/8UNCX56SOCKET BUTTON POST TORX3/856304 Stainless
IMS04BTC037072304P/TORX T45 BHMS: 3/8UNCX72SOCKET BUTTON POST TORX3/872304 Stainless
IMS04BTC037082304P/TORX T45 BHMS: 3/8UNCX82SOCKET BUTTON POST TORX3/882304 Stainless

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3/8UNC X 15mm, 3/8UNC X 20mm, 3/8UNC X 25mm, 3/8UNC X 30mm, 3/8UNC X 35mm, 3/8UNC X 40mm, 3/8UNC X 45mm, 3/8UNC X 50mm, 3/8UNC X 56mm, 3/8UNC X 72mm, 3/8UNC X 82mm