BIS-HY Hybrid Gen2 Injection Adhesive




When it’s CODE PLATINUM it’s Hybrid Gen 2.
Combining the superior strength of Epoxy with a fast cure Vinylester.
Fire Rating F120 (2 hours) and approved for use in temperatures up to 160°C.
ICCONS BIS-HY is a rapid cure, styrene free, non-sag, extreme performance Hybrid Injection Adhesive.
BIS-HY is suitable for Threaded Rod and Rebar in cracked and non-cracked concrete and Australia’s first rapid cure with Seismic C2 approval for threaded rod and now 100 Year Design Life!
This revolutionary adhesive injection system lends incredible characteristics to almost all adhesive anchor applications in the professional and DIY spaces

• EXTREME Load Performance
• Fast 30min cure at 20ºC dry concrete
• 100 Year Design Life
• Fast cure characteristics save time and money on the job
• ETA approved for cracked concrete
• Fire resistance approval
• Potable Water approval
• Seismic C1 and C2 approved
• Low VOC for green projects

• Infrastructure construction (roads, viaducts, sound barriers, crash barriers, harbours, high rise construction, steel construction)
• Production Facilities (installation of cranes, robots, converyor lines etc.)
• Suitable for threaded rod and rebar in cracked and non-cracked concrete

Use Conditions
• Installation in cracked and non-cracked concrete C20/25 to C50/60
• For anchor rods M8 – M30, rebar Ø8 – Ø32mm and threaded sleeves M6 – M20
• Seismic action C2: M12 – M24
• For hammer/air drilled holes
• Installation in dry, wet and flooded holes
• Overhead installation allowed
*See Tech Data Sheets for more information

[BIS-HY Gen2 Threaded Rod and Rebar TDS]

Additional Information


280ml, 420ml