BIS-E Epoxy Injection Adhesive

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When it’s CODE RED it’s Epoxy.
ICCONS® BIS-E is a general purpose 3:1 Epoxy, suitable for Threaded rod and Rebar in Cracked or Non-Cracked Concrete.
Approved for use in Cracked Concrete, Hollow Drilling and Waterflooded hole applications, it is also BPA free.
BIS-E Epoxy adhesive anchor is perfect for the professional space in residential, commercial and civil projects.

• HIGH Load Performance
• Suitable for dry, wet and waterfilled holes
• ETA approved for cracked concrete, rebar and threaded rod
• Low VOC for green projects

• Infrastructure construction (roads, viaducts, sound barriers, crash barriers, harbours, high rise construction, steel construction)
• Production Facilities (installation of cranes, robots, converyor lines etc.)
• Suitable choice for threaded rod and rebar in cracked and non-cracked concrete
• Approved for use in hollow drilled holes

Use Conditions
• Installation in cracked and non-cracked concrete C20/25 to C50/60
• For static and quasi-static loading
• In dry, wet and flooded holes
• Structures subject to dry internal and permanent damp internal conditions
• Structures subject to external atmospheric exposure
• Overhead installation allowed
*See Tech Data Sheets for more information.

Cartridge Gun For 440 & 585ml Injection Systems

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440ml, 585ml