Aluminium Rivet Steel Stem Multi-Grip (AS5-6) Painted Colorbond




Multi-Grip Rivets have a larger grip range compared to standard rivets. Multi-Grip Rivets are used in applications where material thickness may differ – or when there is a need to reduce inventories. Multi-Grip Rivets also have better vibration and weather resistance when compared to standard rivets.

Dimensions: 4.0mm (5/32) x 13.6mm

Grip Range: 4.8mm – 9.6mm

Drill size: #20 4.1mm


Rivet body: Aluminium Alloy 5050

Mandrel: Carbon Steel

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Basalt, Classic Cream, Cottage Green, Cove, Deep Ocean, Dune, Evening Haze, Gully, Ironstone, Jasper, Manor Red, Mangrove, Monument, Night Sky, Pale Eucalypt, Paperbark, Pearl White, Shale Grey, Surfmist, Terrain, White, Wallaby, Windspray, Woodland Grey