15° Plastic Collated Hardened Coil Nails




Hardened coil nails are a must-have around the job site and truss plant. Similar to the regular 15° coil nail but the plastic collation ensures that wire fragments are not ejected when firing, resulting in improved safety. Heat treatment is applied to each nail to strengthen and ensure the ability to shoot through thin steel with ease, up to 3mm depending on the length. Ideal for fastening thin metal to timber. Electro gal coating provides protection against corrosion.

APPLICATIONS: Bracing, Brackets, Steel to Timber fastening, Fencing pickets to steel frame fastening

FINISH: Electro Galvanised
SHANK: Screw Shank
RANGE: 2.5 x 27-50mm

SIMILAR TO: All 15 degree Plastic Collated Hardened Coil Nails

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2.5 x 27mm, 2.5 x 32mm, 2.5 x 38mm, 2.5 x 45mm, 2.5 x 50mm