Midwest Offset Aviation Snips Left Cut


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For sheet metal cutting applications.

Midwest Offset Aviation Snips Left-Cut are an essential tool for cutting full sheets of metal and tight curves. They cut the Pinch-Thru point, requiring fewer rebites and accurate trim cuts. Long cuts are made easy with the offset blades channelling sharp materials edges away from the user’s hand.

The new Kush ’N’ Power Grip also fights hand fatigue from repetitive actions by conforming to the motion of the user’s hand. They also feature non-slip ribs that are spaced to prevent palm or finger slippage.


Part number: MWT6510L
Barcode: 727226130310
Nominal Length: 9-3/4”
Cut Length: 1-1/4”
Cutting Capacity (CR/SS): 18/22
Made in USA