16-114mm 15 Pce Chippy’s Master Hole Saw Kit Bordo



About this item:

  • 16-114mm 15 Piece Chippy’s Master Hole Saw Kit
  • Chippy’s Hole Saw Kit. Made for the chippy, this 11 saw kit makes sure the job gets done.
  • Bordo bi-metal hole saws are premium quality, general purpose saws suitable for a wide variety of materials and applications.
  • The high-speed steel cobalt (HSS-Co) cutting edge provides shock resistant teeth and resists tooth strippage.
  • 4/6 positive tooth configuration allows for fast, smooth cuts and less vibration.
  • 48mm (1-7/8″) depth of cut.
  • 5mm (3/16″) thick heavy-duty backing plate eliminates need for drive plate.
  • Creates holes for pipe and tubing installations, door lock installations, electrical conduit, hoses and antennas.
  • Ideal for plumbing, construction, aircraft, electrical, maintenance, and automotive applications.
  • Use in steel, aluminium, brass, cast iron, plastic, wood and a wide variety of other materials.
  • Can be used in stainless steel with use of a cutting lubricant, reduced spindle speed and sufficient feed pressure to produce chips.
  • Repetition hole cutting in stainless steel is best suited to Bordo XP and XP2 hole saws.

Kits Contents:

  • 16mm Bi-Metal Hole Saw
  • 20mm Bi-Metal Hole Saw
  • 22mm Bi-Metal Hole Saw
  • 25mm Bi-Metal Hole Saw
  • 32mm Bi-Metal Hole Saw
  • 40mm Bi-Metal Hole Saw
  • 50mm Bi-Metal Hole Saw
  • 54mm Bi-Metal Hole Saw
  • 64mm Bi-Metal Hole Saw
  • 92mm Bi-Metal Hole Saw
  • 114mm Bi-Metal Hole Saw
  • 5750-38716×300 – 3/8 – 7/16″ Hex x 300mm Quick Change Extension adaptor
  • 7050-5519 – 3/8″ Hex Shank Mandrel
  • 7050-5548 – 7/16″ Hex Shank Posi-Lock Mandrel
  • 7060-8534 – 1/4 x 3.1/2″ Pilot Drill